tim feldmann • ティム・フェルドマン

KPJAYI Level 2 Authorised

ティム・フェルドマンは、妻であるキノ・マクレガーと共に設立したヨガ・シャラ《マイアミ ライフセンター》のディレクターとして活動している。彼の最初の師であるリノ・ミエーレによってヨガに導かれたティムは、アシュタンガヨガ・システムの創始者であるシュリKパッタビ・ジョイス師、その孫のRシャラス・ジョイス師より指導資格を授かり、現在アドバンスAシリーズを通じてアシュタンガヨガの伝統的メソッドを日々実践している。

Tim Feldmann is the director of Miami Life Center, the yoga shala he founded with his wife Kino MacGregor. He was set on the yoga path by his first teacher Lino Miele and is Authorized to teach directly by the founder of the Ashtanga Yoga Method, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, and his grandson, R. Sharath Jois. A practitioner of the Advanced A series Tim is dedicated to Ashtanga Yoga’s traditional method.

“The body is the way to our spirit, to a truer Self. That’s what asana is for”.

A near fatal falling accident in 1992 led Tim on the yogic path. His teaching integrates extensive studies of F.M. Alexander Technique and sitting meditation with 20 years of experience as a professional dancer and an internationally acclaimed choreographer. His in-depth knowledge of functional anatomy as well as the idiosyncratic body and mind in stillness and in motion creates the platform upon which his solid understanding of the Ashtanga method rests.

Tim’s humorous, straight forward yet profound teaching style makes him a cherished teacher, traveling extensively throughout Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas.

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