hiroko • ひろこ


その謎めいたつながりを探求するため、ヨガを始める。しかし、一般的なヨガクラスでは、真のつながりを感じることができなかった。アシュタンガヨガに出会い、特に日常的なマイソールスタイルの練習をするようになって初めて、ヨガによって解放される、心と身体の深いつながりを感じ始める。以後、ヴェロニクの指導のもと、献身的に、規律正しく日々練習を続ける。昨年、一昨年は、インドのマイソールを訪れ、KPJAYIのR.シャラート ジョイスのもとでの練習にも参加している。


Hiroko was a Jazz and Contemporary Dance practitioner for twenty years and a dance movement teacher for five. It was through this experience that she realized how strongly the body and the mind affect each other. Hiroko began yoga practice as a way to explore this mysterious connection. She was however, unable to experience any true connection in general yoga classes. It was only when she began Ashtanga Yoga and in particular the daily Mysore practice that she began to experience the profound connection of mind and body that yoga can liberate. Since then, she practices daily under the guidance of Veronique with devotion & discipline. She has studied under R. Sharath Jois at KPJAYI in the last 2 years in Mysore India.

Through this daily meditation in motion, Hiroko discovered how her mind & body gradually changed in a manner she never thought possible. Hardships in life became manageable; inner peace slowly surfacing. It is with sincere gratitude that Hiroko wants to share the beauty and healing potential of the practice with as many as she can.